Norberto Odebrecht`s thoughts were not only materialized on paper, but in the actions of those who apply his teachings. Take a look at the testimonials of people whose lives the entrepreneur transformed.

Testimonials from Odebrecht Group members

"Still being trained...and in my first job, I have worked directly, and I don't know if this was a good or bad thing, with the owner of a big company where I came to know a peculiar business culture that preached that "employees are not paid to think, they are paid to do what the boss asks." Recently graduated, first job, outsider (a “mineiro” in Bahia), I thought that was the business world.

Julio Perdigão, Officer at Odebrecht Transport (OTP).

"Despite the many years in the company, I have never worked directly with Norberto Odebrecht. The conviviality was reduced to seeing him daily through the corridors and elevators of the Odebrecht building in Salvador. He was always very elegant, in his clear linen suits. Always very polite, saying good morning to everyone he met on his way.

Verena Sá, Manager of People Insurance at Horiens

"Dr. Norberto Odebrecht was passionate about working and training people. In the late 1990s, I had the privilege of interacting with him when I was a Jovem Parceiro (Trainee). One day he asked me for my Action Program (PA) because he wanted to analyze and comment.

Americo Bartilotti, Packaging and Consumer Goods Officer at Braskem.

"I met Dr. Norberto Odebrecht before I joined Atvos. From 2004 to 2010, I was at the head of the Marketing and Fundraising Office of the charity Obras Sociais Irmã Dulce (OSID) in Salvador, where I experienced my greatest learning in Social Responsibility and Impact Entrepreneurship.

Mônica Melo Alcântara, Sustainability Leader at Atvos.

"I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Norberto from 2008 to 2010. At that time, just before I was 30, the main topic of our meetings was the expansion of the Odebrecht Building in Salvador. The work was done by CNO. I was also working with NO to propose ideas and provocations about the road system and other interventions he suggested aimed to the improvement of the city of Salvador.

Henrique Paixão, Gerente de Contratos na OEC.

Leadership by Example! Without a doubt, for me, this is Norberto Odebrecht's greatest legacy. His experiences so well translated in his books, in the countless testimonies throughout his career, in his day-to-day life. His little big gestures of discipline, humility, education through work, service to others, so well exercised and translated into our TEO.

Soraia Santiago, Risk Manager - People Insurance at Horiens.

"I admired his everyday simplicity, little gestures. When someone got into the same elevator as Dr. Norberto was, for example, he would ask what floor the person was going to, push the button, and gently hold the door when it was time for the person to leave.

Denise Plácido, Member of the Sustainability area at the Odebrecht Foundation.

"I've been part of the Odebrecht Group for 20 years. During this period, I was able to prove the effectiveness of the teachings of this great man who was Norberto Odebrecht and the legacy of knowledge he left us.

Sergio Brinckmann,'CEO of Vexty.



"Dr. Norberto Odebrecht was a great man. An admirable human being, a gentle and very human person, always available for everyone, very polite. A great entrepreneur, a visionary, who realized all his dreams, goals, and projects with hard work and dedication.

 Gloria Lopez da Silva, Secretary of Finance and Investments of Ocyan SAR.

"The opportunity to be with Dr. Norberto was a privilege. He was always known as a great entrepreneur, an educator, and was also attentive to the future. In a visit he made to Itapebi in 2001 to follow the presentations of the PAs we were discussing from the hydroelectric team, we had the opportunity to make a "pica fogo" with him and we discussed the importance of knowledgeable people working within the company and what this brought us as a competitive edge.

Carlos Hermanny Filho, Director of Infrastructure, Sustainability and Innovation at OEC.

"I am very honored to have the opportunity to participate in this just and deserved tribute to Norberto Odebrecht, for his centenary.

Marcelo Cipriano, leader of Industrial Operations at Atvos.

"It was remarkable to visit the social projects carried out by the Odebrecht Foundation in Baixo Sul (BA) in one occasion accompanied by Dr. Norberto Odebrecht, and be able to talk with those young people and see the great impact of education in their lives and the effects on their families and communities.

Claudemir Correa, Account Manager - Flexible Packaging at Braskem.

Other testimonials

"The greatest challenge that pioneer and master Norberto Odebrecht set me was to cross borders and act with the Spirit of Time - it was as he said: "He who has the spirit of time does not look to himself, or back: look forward, helps to prepare future generations, works as a team for the good of the community." The support in founding schools in the countryside for Farmers' children, reflects NO's commitment to Education, in the space where he had a creative way of being and where he could genuinely exercise his great ability to be an Educational Leader. The more I dialogue with the lessons I learned from him, the more I revive the more subtle ones that I experienced next to him in the “Art of Educating,” observing and feeling, in order to perceive beyond the written and said, between the lines, in detail, in subtlety. To look beyond what has been seen, broadening our horizons without losing consciousness of the present. That is how he taught us the Pedagogy of Presence and, to me, it has marked the importance of dedicating time, presence, experience, and example to Educators, to the Youngster and their families from the Rural Family Houses of Baixo Sul in Bahia. Act with the purpose of enabling others to learn and, in cooperation, learn together. These are lessons learned that remain alive".


Joana Almeida, Regional/Bahia Coordinator of the Unesco Associated Schools Program and Pedagogical Consultant for Family Homes, partner institutions of the Odebrecht Foundation for the PDCIS Social Program.

"I started my professional activities as a messenger at the Odebrecht Organization on BR 324, Km 0, in 1969, as an apprentice of my eternal Master Dr. Norberto Odebrecht.

I embraced the learning and professional teachings and, in addition, the Master helped me in answering my questions for my Postgraduate Thesis TCC of People Management, where I secretly surprised him with a simple homage in life by giving him the Monograph on March 26, 2012. Throughout my career I received the cooperation of Dr. Norberto when I took over the Superintendency of OCEB, where I had the challenge to revitalize the Cooperative System of Bahia. Legacies of Master Norberto Odebrecht: "Typical Attitudes and Behaviors: Spirit of service, team spirit, simplicity, humility, agility and flexibility in providing services, aiming at Customer satisfaction. (...) Dr. Norberto Odebrecht also had a concern for young people: "the noblest task of the leader, to which he must commit himself with greater satisfaction is to develop young talent - the taste for disciplined freedom, with responsibility, as well as the will to make things happen and to put his mark on events". I, Alderico Sena, apprentice of Master Dr. Norberto Odebrecht, congratulate you on your 100 years (Centennial) of relevant services provided to Bahia, to Brazil and the World!


Alderico Sena, consultant with experience in institutions such as the Federal University of Bahia - UFBA and the Organization of Cooperatives of the State of Bahia - OCEB.

"He was a decisive leader; he understood that farming needed political resolve, optimized by entrepreneurial action. It was the vision of a great entrepreneur who placed farming as a modern concept, and who introduced new management, so that it could be followed-up and seen as a business. Of our relationship, I can say that the great lesson that stayed with me is that we should always be ready to reflect and enhance our decision-making process every day, since this is what makes a man capable of living alongside his business and environment, and good use of natural resources in particular.”


Joaquim Cardoso, the Organização de Conservação da Terra (Land Conservation Organization - OCT) CEO, worked as a Special Advisor to Norberto Odebrecht for many years. OCT is one of the Odebrecht Foundation`s partner institutions.

"I am a rural entrepreneur and had the chance to change my story. I arrived at where I am now on account of my capacity, since these were Dr. Norberto`s words. He said this: we arrive at where our capacity allows us, but with support. Sometimes, just a little push is needed, so that we can transform our entire reality.”


Marcelo Roma, a family farmer who benefited from the Odebrecht Foundation in the Southern Bahia Lowlands.

"Dr. Norberto will always stay in my memory as an example of humility, simplicity and determination. He was a very present and active advisor, since the establishment of the Irmã Dulce Social Project in 1959. He talked about his life experiences at meetings, made us reflect about what is right, not who is right. If we thought about starting an enterprise, the first question he would ask was: do you have a leader in place to manage the service?”.


Maria Rita Pontes, superintendent at the Irmã Dulce Social Project (OSID).

"From a young age, I learned to take the right decisions as a master builder. A master cannot have any doubts. If he is not confident, he has to clarify any doubts with the engineer because we are executing the project. We cannot make a mistake. Once everything has been clarified, he needs to ‘acquire’ a team. He needs the group to trust him for the work to go well. Dr. Norberto gave all the support required for our work. In exchange, he called for confident words.”


Mestre Pedro Sampaio, Apprentice of Master builder Nazário, from the first generation of Construtora Norberto Odebrecht master builders.

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