The Educational Leader

Norberto Odebrecht always encouraged his members to promote the development of their teams. This encouragement started with the example of life, both of the values received in family education, and those enhanced in his professional life.


“Above all, a leader is an educator, thinker and creator of teams. S/he has to be able to interpret, understand, practice and orientate the duties of life, expressed in the theory that every human being around the world is called to take part in the endeavor to recover and maintain healthy living conditions on earth,” he said.


Attention to forming new generations of leaders and education as a means, were some of the principles, concepts and criteria developed by Norberto Odebrecht, and set out in projects which resulted in Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO).



TEO Books

Besides being a source of intellectual inspiration, all the income obtained from the sale of TEO products, made by the Odebrecht Foundation, is reverted to the projects promoted by the institution`s Social Program, PDCIS.

Thus, it became possible to explain why all Odebrecht Group members should practice education for work, exercise planned delegation, support their members and identify and train their successors: these values and beliefs complement the art of entrepreneurship with the ethos of service, producing wealth, with ethics, integrity and transparency, for beneficiaries, communities, members, social investors and society.


Considered one of Norberto Odebrecht`s greatest legacies, TEO became not only the base of the Odebrecht Group`s culture, but a philosophy of life that breaks entrepreneurial barriers, by valuing human potential, such as the readiness to serve, the capacity and wish to evolve, and the desire to exceed results.

Emergence of TEO

Norberto Odebrecht reveals some interesting facts about the books that he has written and which gave rise to Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology.

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